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How To Boost Libido Quickly & Easily

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Libido means desire and is usually used as a term for the need for sexuality. The libido, or sex drive varies throughout life. Often it is at its peak during puberty and steadily decreases thereafter. However, the libido also differs per person. It is mainly determined by physical and psychological factors. You can increase libido in various ways.

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Hormones and libido

Physically, libido is mainly determined by the hormones testosterone and estrogen. What many people don’t know is that testosterone affects libido in both men and women. Testosterone is the hormone of desire for both sexes. A low testosterone level usually results in a low libido. As one gets older, that level decreases. Testosterone levels also drop by being less sexually active.

Normally, male libido peaks around 20 years, women between 30 and 40 years. In women, the menstrual cycle also plays a major role in libido. During ovulation, it is higher in many women, due to the hormones at that time of the cycle. After menopause, many women experience a sharp drop in libido. Increasing libido is desirable for many women during that period.

Decreased libido

When libido is low, a greatly reduced sexual desire can occur. This can get in the way of enjoying sex and getting in each other’s way, but it can also cause relationship problems. Sex drive can be increased by addressing the cause of the loss of sex drive. The pharmacies and drugstores offer the products that increase libido and stimulate sexuality. This for both men and women.

Increase Libido

If a lack of testosterone is the cause of a low libido, you can do something about it, for example by changing your lifestyle or by means of medication. Below are some tips to improve your libido:

1. Go to the gym – More exercise ensures better blood flow and stimulates the production of hormones. Strength training in particular will increase testosterone levels in the blood, and thus your libido.

2. Eat healthy – Sugar, white pasta and other carbohydrates cause an increase in insulin, a substance that the body produces to process sugars. However, this hormone also causes a drop in testosterone levels! Therefore, avoid foods such as biscuits, sweets and white bread. It is also better to leave alcohol and caffeine alone. Food: proteins (meat, fish, eggs, nuts), lots of fresh vegetables and wholegrain products.

3. Avoid stress – If you want to increase your libido, don’t worry too much. Stress causes an increase in insulin and thus a decrease in testosterone in the blood. Also get enough sleep. In poor sleepers, the adrenal glands produce more cortisol, which means they have less time to make testosterone.

4. Do more sex – Even if the sentence is sometimes hard to find: do start making love. Usually, the sentence still comes halfway through the process. In addition, a lovemaking promotes the production of testosterone. An additional advantage: the relaxing effect of sex makes you sleep better and deeper afterwards.

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